Save The Date How To’s and Don’t Do’s

Jun 22, 2021 | Save the Date Announcements, Wedding Invitations

Save The Date How To’s and Don’t Do’s

We’ve all put off a lot of things during this crazy past year of seclusion…changing out of our pajama bottoms, wearing any bottoms, shaving, and wedding celebrations.

But now, it’s time. (Drumroll, please!) The world is opening up, and you can turbo-start your wedding plans, beginning with the small, but mighty, Save The Date card.

The Role Of The Save The Date

The Save The Date card is like the bit player with one huge line in the show! It sets the tone for your big day. It’s the first glimpse, the hint of what’s to come. Before friends and family hear your engagement backstory, know of the venue, or have any idea who’s in the wedding party, the Save The Date tells them something special is coming their way. It lets them know their very wonderful presence is desired at your marriage ceremony.

Brides and grooms often coordinate their Save the Dates with their wedding invitation suites. Here at The Best Wedding Invitations, we offer a gorgeous selection of suite designs whether your vibe is elegant black tie, country flower sunshine party time or a beachy destination theme. Or you can mix it up and send out a Save the Date that’s different from your invitations, more celebratory, casual, fun, reflective of the two of you.

What Should You Say?

These can be fun, to the point, or express the personality of the two of you with the paper, a photo or other image, the font, and color. Be sure to include your names (traditionally the bride’s name first), the wedding date, and the city and state. If you like, you can add that a formal invitation will follow and include your wedding website.

Who Should You Send Them To?

Only send the Save The Dates to those you are definitely inviting to your wedding. These aren’t wedding announcements. They are pre-invitations. Be sure to send them to your wedding party and family, too.

Be Clear Who’s Invited

Hurt feelings, awkward conversations, and the odd ball phone call can be avoided by including the names of all who are invited, even children and plus-one’s, on the Save The Date mailing. This gives everyone time to think about arrangements like childcare and senior care as well as hotel reservations. If you are including plus-one’s, try to use their names, rather than “and guest.”

Best Time to Send Out Your Save The Date

These harbingers of good times should go out 6 months before your wedding date. If you’re having lots of out of town guests, a full weekend event, or a destination wedding, add a few months and send them 8 to 12 months in advance so your friends and family can be sure to join you for your happy occasion. Don’t over-think it but know if the cards go out too early, your guests are apt to just put them aside and not register the date in their minds or their calendars. Send too late and your day may conflict with other plans they’ve made already. Think of these cards as a courtesy flare being shot into the sky so everyone has time to clear their schedules, make travel arrangements, and up the chances of their witnessing your wedding bliss.

What About Digital Save The Dates?

Certainly, email works wonders for bachelor and bachelorette parties and other more casual gatherings surrounding the nuptials. These are an option in our increasingly digital and casual world. For matters concerning the big day, we stand by paper. It builds anticipation and is a physical reminder of event. If you do go digital, keep in mind that some people may not see them, or they may wind up in SPAM folders. You may want to consider sending both ways so there’s no missing your Save The Date.

Want to learn more about Save The Dates or see some samples?
Contact our TBWI customer service reps at 866-895-2378 to chat about your ideas or to request our Wedding Wow Sample Invitation Kit.

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