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Let’s Hear It for the Boys

Sep 20, 2021 | Save the Date Announcements, Wedding Invitations

6 Fresh Trends for Groom’s and Groomsmen Wedding Attire

1. Custom men’s suits. That’s right, whether it’s a result of COVID or an appreciation for the finer things, men are skipping the rentals and being fitted for suits they can wear to their wedding and beyond. An investment, the tailored garment is made to order from style, fabric, and trim–and flatters the individual every time he puts it on.

2. Mismatched groomsmen. The end of matchy-matchy is finally making its way over to the men’s side of the wedding. The groomsmen, instead, are strutting their stuff, wearing suits of their choice (or all shades of one color) with a unifying tie, sock, or pocket element. Or ask male attendants to don the same suit and vary the accessories, letting each groomsman walk his walk. Consider matching the unifying color to your wedding theme or invitation colors.

3. Keeping it casual. A definite movement toward informal, yet still special attire, with colored jackets, both single and double-breasted. Some are dressing with loafers. Some are skipping socks and the tie. Fashion predictions include sandy colors, like beige and brown. Freshness, breeziness, color!

4. Or dialing it up! If you’re a guy who likes fashion, velvet, floral prints, and the like took over groom’s jacket choices too.

5. Pocket flowers started popping up in 2021. A refresh on the pocket square or boutonniere, pocket flowers made of dried sprigs or florals can be color-coordinated to your wedding from earthy tones to nature’s bold shades.

6. Open-collar shirts. Along with suits, rather than tuxes, men are dropping formality and neckwear and enjoying the freedom of a loose collar as they walk down the aisle.

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