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Addressing and Sending Successful Wedding Invitations

Sep 7, 2021 | Save the Date Announcements, Wedding Invitations

These 9 tips ensure your invitation hits its mark

 #1 Save the date cards or postcards should be mailed 6 to 8 months ahead of the event. If you’re having a destination wedding, be sure to send them even earlier.

#2 Wedding invitations should follow arriving 6 to 8 weeks ahead of the wedding date. Be sure to set the RSVP date for when you need it, in time for final decisions on head counts for catering, etc. Often this is 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

#3 How you address save the dates and invitation envelopes lets the recipient know who is invited. So, choosing wording such as “Mr. Harris Bud & Ms. Jules Bestie,” “Mr. Harris Bud & Mr. Daniel Friend” or “The Bud Family” makes a difference. Be sure the names on the envelope match your intent.

#4 Including a plus-one with an invitation? Address the envelope to Ms. Jules Bestie & Guest. If you are sure of the plus-one’s name, it’s considerate to use his/her/their actual name. Don’t want to include a plus-one? Only address the envelope to your guest.
And, no, you don’t have to include a plus-one for every single guest. That can get costly fast and also affect your choice of venue. However, if most of your guests will be couples, it’s a considerate gesture to extend plus-one’s should your budget allow.

#5 Put your wedding website address on your save the date card or postcard. If you don’t have a save the date, print it discreetly on your wedding invitation or another piece of stationery.

#6 Your gift registry information should be listed on your wedding website, not on your invitation, as that’s considered a bit grabby. Guests are under no obligation to give a gift to the couple. If you are having a wedding shower, the registry info can be shared on that invitation too.

#7 Adults-only weddings can usually be communicated by using individuals’ names on the envelope. When you drop in “Family,” it becomes open for interpretation. Should someone respond with children’s names, phone them, and calmly explain it’s an adults-only event and you hope they can still attend.Some couples hire a babysitter for the reception to keep an eye on young guests. If you are going to provide a babysitter, be sure to include this info in your wedding website.

#8 Whether you choose to go barbeque casual or black tie for your wedding, your guests will need to know. The words “black tie,” “cocktail attire,” or “casual attire” can be printed in the lower righthand corner of the invitation or on a reception card. Your invitation design also tips off on the attire. A traditional invitation in subtle colors with a conventional font speaks to a formal affair. A bright-colored invitation with a modern or playful font says this is a more relaxed event. Browse the invitations at for inspired choices. You can also direct guests to your wedding website for more details on events and dress.

#9 And the return address goes where? Print it on the back flap of the invitation envelope. Also, it should be printed on the already-stamped RSVP envelope.  Be sure to use the address of the person who is designated to receive the response cards, often parent(s) or the couple themselves.


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