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10 Reasons to Say “Yes” to a New Year’s Eve Wedding Celebration

Jul 4, 2021 | Save the Date Announcements, Wedding Invitations

Celebrating your new marriage and the new year on the same day are some couples’ idea of a dream event! If you’re up for a longer engagement, choosing the desirable December 31st gives you time to plan a fantastic and memorable occasion—one that your guests will enjoy and recall for years. If you want an affair that embraces glam, champagne, and an evening event, then this combination is a sure-fire winner!

Here are 10 Fabulous Reasons for Tying the Knot on New Year’s Eve.


10. Guests Come Ready to Celebrate (And are relieved not to have to come up with NYE plans.)

Yes, you’ve provided an occasion, a venue, and a reason to get dressed up and celebrate. No angst for your friends and family figuring out what to do this year. Thank you!

And you don’t need to create a theme!
Your Wedding + New Year’s Eve = Unforgettable Evening


9. The Wedding Party Bedazzles

The date informs the dress! Let your bridal attendants and groomsmen glam it up. And the happy couple too. Stately James Bond formal wear or glitzy, catch-the-light sparkles. Now’s the time to put on the Ritz! (Who knows? You might actually be at The Ritz!)


8. Let the Bubbles Pop

Serve champagne as guests arrive, for the wedding toast, and at midnight. Or if that beats your budget, consider other sparkling options such as prosecco cocktails. Having a signature fizzy offering will put everyone in the party mood.


7. The Party Can Go Longer

Many venues normally close down their rooms at midnight or earlier. But for New Year’s, you’ll be able to celebrate beyond midnight, squeezing more festivity into your wedding. Check into the rates to be sure you negotiate the best deal.


6. Even the Room Glows

Black, silver, white, and gold are traditional New Year’s colors but, of course, you can add your own tint to the mix too. Think of balloons, a champagne tower, noisemaker boutonnieres–and sparklers if you are outside. Party favor themes and ideas include clocks, tiaras, chocolates, large sparkly cookies, frosted candles, and mini-champagne bottles.


5. Evening Schedule Flexibility

New Year’s Eve gives you more play with the evening hours! You can choose to serve hors d’oeuvres as people arrive at 5:00 or 6:00. Then serve dinner later with dancing in between, along with toasts. And perhaps a breakfast as the evening closes in on midnight or right after. If your venue has a view of fireworks, think about making that a part of your schedule too. It’s a longer night, everybody’s in the mood to party, so keep your guests up and moving about.


4. Have Fun with the NYE Tradition

Invite guests to share their NYE traditions in a book, on pieces of colored paper in a glass bowl, or in brightly colored mini envelopes artfully tacked on a display board. Read the traditions or pass the microphone so guests can share. Or set up large black boards and colored chalk for your friends and families to write down their traditions so all can enjoy. Be sure to take photos of all they share.

Don’t forget to provide party favors, top hats and tiaras, and feather boas that tie into the NYE theme before the big countdown. Photo booths and props are always a big hit, and the prints remain a wonderful memento of your wedding.

Of course, have the midnight countdown and toasts to your guests and to each other!


3. Your Guests Will Stay All Night

You’ve given your guests a 2-for-1 event with your wedding and New Year’s. They’ll be delighted to celebrate with you, will want to hang in until midnight, and will have an upscale evening to welcome in the next year. It should be high energy throughout the evening so provide great music.


2. Venues and Vendors are Available

Be sure to get the planning started early because some venues have their own New Year’s celebrations. But rumor has it that New Year’s Eve is an amazing date to start your life together. Once you lock down your site and vendors, send out your invitations earlier than usual as your guests need more time to plan travel around holidays. You may want to reserve a block of rooms if you are holding your event at a hotel or nearby the site.


1. New Year, New Start

Getting married on the new year is a symbolic choice for a new beginning. And neither of you will ever forget your anniversary date!

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